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Is your website’s design a little outdated?

When was the last time you had it redesigned?

If your answer to the latter question was over three years ago we need to TALK!

Your website should be updated every two to three years to stay relevant and modern.

If you’re noticing a decrease in traffic and a high bounce rate it may be time for a website redesign!

Easy Moves Had Over A 50% Increase In Leads After A Website Redesign*

It is vital in this day and age to maintain your website’s freshness and relevancy. An easy way to monitor this is to keep tabs on your website’s traffic and bounce rate. If you’re noticing a lull in your website’s analytics — then it’s time to revamp your website!

Redesigning your website isn’t just from an appearance perspective. It also involves the function and usuage of your website. 

The customer experience is key to lowering your bounce rate and increasing traffic. The easier you make it to navigate, understand, and use your website — the more likely you are to get someone’s business.

Why Redesign My Website?

It can be difficult to come to the decision to redesign your website. It’s familiar and almost nostalgic. But, that is the deadly trap that you DO NOT want to fall for!

When redesiging a website it is crucial that all of the necessary steps are taken to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

It can be tempting to just willy-nilly redesign your website — don’t do it!

Without proper planning you could easily damage or hinder your website’s performance.

Don’t make that mistake!

The Increase In Traffic For Easy Moves After Their Website Redesign Was Substantial. All Data Provided By Google Analytics.

So I Want To Redesign — Now What?

As mentioned previously — the proper steps MUST be taken to ensure that your website’s redesign/refresh is 100% effective.

Cutting any corners and skipping and steps could lead to the loss of content and may hinder and/or damage your website’s SEO. That’s less than ideal. Together, we can ensure that your website’s redesign is not only done properly, but effectively.


1) Ensure that all URLs and content are not broken (404) and are properly functioning and accessible after the redesign.

2) Do not hastily relaunch the website. If you need the website to have zero downtime — properly setup your website for drafting your new, fresh website.

3) Be thorough when dissecting your website’s current performance. Keep content that works, and ditch the content that doesn’t! There’s absolutely no need to keep content that does not hold a user’s attention. Content that is NOT working should be revamped and redesigned!

What Content Do I Need?

Content is the meat of your website and is what drives people to your website. 

Google is VERY particular when it comes to grading a website’s content. No one truly knows how or what Google grades, but the consnsus is that your content needs to be service/website relevant and the more custom content the better.

The usage of stock photos in Google My Business posts is becoming almost prohibited. It is only a matter of time before stock photos on your website negatively impacts your SEO.

Google is working towards a new era of SEO driven by the customer expereince and trust factor.

Read more about custom content here»

Not Convinced?

Checkout some of our projects that we’ve worked on and their performance! If we didn’t believe that the design of a website mattered — you wouldn’t be reading this!

Your website’s design is your company’s first impression to your customers — IT MATTERS!

Let’s redesign your website today! Give us a call so we can schedule your consultation! We’ll provide you with a FREE mockup of what your website could look like, all you have to do is ask!

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