How To Design A Logo

by | Mar 27, 2020

So you want to design a logo? Designing a logo should have more effort than just slapping together clipart and text. It’s all too often that I see a new business spring up with the worst logo imaginable. Don’t be that person.

There are a multitude of questions you need to ask yourself when designing a logo. Let’s dive right in!

What Is A Logo?

Simple, right? An image, symbol, and/or text used to identify a company. Now, if you were in some contest to give me a definition you’d be correct, but this isn’t. We’re talking about YOUR logo. What is a logo to you? A logo should be representative of your business. Your livelihood. Your dream. 

See the common motif? “YOUR [Blank]”. You are the common variable. The logo needs to represent you and the service, product, lessons, etc. that you offer. Your logo is your public image. The first thing most people will see and judge your company on. 

How do you plan to use your logo?

Do you plan on getting it embroidered on shirts? A sign made for your storefront? Maybe a billboard? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. Depending on how you answered those questions will determine the shape of your logo and size of fonts used (unless of course you make a textless logo).

Are you planning on printing marketing material? If so think of how your logo will look on print. Will the logo’s color easily match on prints? Will it be legible?

What is your company’s name?

Is your company’s name long? If so maybe you should think of using an acronym (think NBC, NASA, etc.) or maybe think about making a singular letter logo like Netflix or Google’s single ‘G’ logo.

What is your company’s industry?

Depending on what service or product you offer should impact your logo design. Incorporating aspects of your industry to your logo can be an easy way to give your logo some pop.

Your company’s industry should also influence the shape of your logo. Construction companies may want to have a “beefier” logo while a boutique might want a more “whimsical” logo.

Font plays a big part in this part too. Your font choice can envoke specific feelings. A bold, thick font can have a sense of structure and strength (think tools like DeWalt), while a serif font can have a sense of legitimacy and trust (think a law office).

This Is Only The Start!

This is only skimming the surface of Logo Design! Designing your logo is one of the many crucial first steps when starting a business. In other articles we’ll delve deeper into the world that is logo design! Until then — happy designing!

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