Do Reviews Affect SEO?

by | Mar 13, 2020

Getting reviews is crucial to creating a sense of credibility for clients and customers — but how do they affect SEO? Let’s find out!

Having good reviews (and an ample amount of reviews) is key to boosting your Google My Business listing to the top! But, there are a few more factors we need to go over.

Should I Reply To Reviews?

Yes, yes, and more YES!

If you couldn’t tell from the previous sentence the answer is a resounding yes.

So assuming that you are able to get a few reviews for your business listing — that’s good! You’re doing better than some businesses. You’re not there yet though!

So you have a few reviews on your Google My Business (GMB) listing now what? You NEED to reply to them! Negative or not you NEED to reply to your reviews! Google’s core focus with My Business is credibility. To build credibility — you have to interact with your reviews!

Not convinced? With a simple Google search for “Birmingham roofers” we came to these results.

Nothing special right? A pretty standard looking set of listings. But notice how Company A lists higher than Company B and Company C — even though it has the lowest rating of them all?

Let’s take a look at Company A’s reviews shall we?

That’s right! Company A responds to EVERY review they recieve — while Company B and Company C do not!

Not only does responding to reviews on Google My Business (GMB) build a sense of credibility to potential customers, but also in the eyes of Google.

Have you been putting off replying to your reviews? Maybe it’s time to reply!

How Can I Get More Reviews?

So we have you replying to your business’s reviews now, right? Good.

So you’re running out of reviews to respond to. Or maybe they’re just not coming in as quickly as you’d like. What should you do?

There’s a few things you could be doing and a few things you shouldn’t! Let’s go over the things you SHOULDN’T do:


It can be tempting to buy fake reviews to fluff up your Google My Business listing or to bury a negative review, but I’m here to tell you — IT’S NOT WORTH IT! No matter what, it is not worth it. Not only will the fake reviews be removed leaving you where you were originally, but they can also hurt you listing and your ultimately your SEO.


Okay so this one might be harder to sell, but it is simply not worth it to have your friends or family leave reviews. Now, depending on whether or not your family and friends are using the same IP address when posting the review will determine if Google removes it. But the key factor here is that a customer or client may lose any sense of credibility if they notice that your friends or family are leaving reviews. 

Here’s an example company with ZERO attempt to hide their fake reviews.

Let’s make the internet a better place and put an end to fake reviews, shall we?

The key takeaway for the DON’T list is that even if Google doesn’t immediately remove your fake reviews — they can and will hurt your companies reputation one way or another.

So now that you know what you shouldn’t do — let’s go over what you should do:


Now, we don’t mean to beg and plead with your customers/clients — rather to ask for reviews using multiple mediums. An example of this might be to ask them to leave a review in person and to also send them an email with a link directly to your GMB listing’s review page. Remeber, people forget! Remind them!


Don’t be afraid or feel awkward to ask for a review! According to “70% of consumers will leave a review for a business when asked” Read More Here» That is substantial! Don’t be afraid to ask! Get those reviews!

This Is Only The Start!

This is only skimming the surface of Google My Business reviews and any other reviews for that matter! Reviews are crucial for your business — especially if your business is a service industry. In other articles we’ll delve deeper into the world that is reviews! Until then — good luck getting more reviews!

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