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Stand Out With Custom Made Content

We have all heard the adage — CONTENT IS KING!

Content is what comprises the internet. Everywhere you look is content whether that be articles and images — to videos and podcasts. The only problem is that custom content can take an individual a long time to make or you may just not have the tools necessary to make it.

That is why we, the Acemedia team, are here to help you conquer content creation.

So let’s get this started — shall we?

Why Do I need Custom Content?

We’re glad you asked! It can be tempting to use stock images and royalty free designs, but you are only hurting your SEO in the long run.

Unsure if your content is original or notSimply Google it!

To do a Reverse Image Search simply right click on any of your images and click on “Search Google for image”. If Google returns with “No other sizes of this image found.” then you’re in the clear!

Google is starting to tighten up on their requirements for quality, custom content. Many companies are finding that their Google My Business posts are being removed due to their usage of stock footage. 

What Guidelines Should I Follow?

There are no blatant guidelines to follow per say (besides Google’s Content Policy»). Well, Google’s content policy is more of a legal stand point, not an SEO guideline. The fact of the matter is no one really knows truly what Google rewards and penalizes.

There is one commonly referred to acronym to help us better understand what Google is looking for: E.A.T.

You are what you E.A.T. to Google. What is E.A.T. you might ask? Simple. Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Let’s break down each of those terms:

1) Expertise – You need to be an expert in your field with the credentials to back it up! Your content should showcase your knowledge in your field and so should your credentials. Other metrics such as bounce rates, traffic, page shares, and the time spent on your pages effect your “expertise”.

2) Authority – Authority is the amount of power you hold in your industry. If respected bloggers and news articles are mentioning your website and providing you with backlinks and awards — then you have authority. Backlinks from reviews will also help in this area.

3) Trustworthiness – Trustworthiness is fairly similar to Authority, but is more of a timescale. Having a long standing in the community with reviews ranging from the Dark Ages will do nothing but help your Trustworthiness. It is also of utmost importance that your website has SSL (Secure Socket Layer IE. HTTPS).

I Want Custom Content Now What?

We’re glad to hear that you’ve come around to custom content! The next steps are simple. Simply give us a call or fill out our Contact Form so we can give you a full consultation!

Already a member of Acemedia? Give your account manager a call and we’ll get started on making you that premium custom content

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